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Student and faculty/staff editions

Two different editions of News Briefs are distributed ó one for students and one for faculty and staff. Many articles are appropriate for both audiences but not all. Indicate with your submission if you think your article should be included in one or both editions. Only Marquette-related news is published.

Article priority

Certainly, everyone would like his or her article placed at the top of the editorial content. Obviously, this isnít possible. Article priority is determined by the topicís level of importance to the university as a whole as well as timeliness.

Article frequency

Because of the immense amount of editorial content submitted for each issue, especially during the academic year, most articles run once as actual articles. Some event-related articles can run as an initial notice to allow those interested to schedule it on their calendars and again immediately before the event or response deadline. Reminders of previously announced still-timely news run in the reminder section of the e-mail notice.

Special events

All event notices should include the event name, date, time, location, admission cost, a brief description and a response deadline. If the event is student-organized, it must be open to the entire campus community and have campuswide appeal. The Office of Student Development event approval number must also be included for OMC reference.

Contact information

Whenever possible, and especially for events, be sure to include with your submitted information the phone number, e-mail or Web link interested individuals can use to respond to or obtain more information.

Style and editing

OMC staff will edit for style, length and clarity. Articles are structured as news articles, not promotional ads, and follow the University Style GuidePDF Icon and Associated Press style. Review previous articles in the News Brief archive for appropriate style and content.

Special editions

OMC does not send special editions of News Briefs or all-university e-mails other than to announce highest-priority matters, such as issues involving safety, closings, new business developments, etc.

Past editions

Previous issues of News Briefs can be found in the online archive.


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