Safety Alerts

It is the university policy to send text and email alerts when there is an active threat on or near campus as soon as possible with the information we have available at the time. This allows members of the Marquette community to stay away from the area or take shelter or shelter-in-place, depending on the situation.

Safety Updates

If a high profile incident does not pose an immediate or ongoing threat to safety, the university will issue a safety update as soon as possible. If there is an ongoing investigation into an incident, the university may only be able to share limited information.   

Emergency Text Messaging System

Enrollment in the university's emergency text messaging system is automatic if students have entered their cell phone number in the "Personal Information" section of CheckMarq. Complete instructions on updating “Personal Information” or opting out of text alerts can be found below.

Faculty and staff with university-owned cell phones will automatically receive text alerts. Faculty and staff without university phones can opt in to receiving text alerts from the university by registering their personal phone number in the "Personal Information" section of MyJob. The university encourages all students and faculty and staff without a university-owned phone to check their information to ensure they are registered.

To enroll in the emergency text messaging system:

Students should enter their cell phone number in the ‘Personal Information’ section of Checkmarq.

Faculty and staff can enroll in the emergency text messaging system by entering their cell phone number in the ‘Personal Information’ section of MyJob.


Student Safety Programs

Public Safety continuously addresses campus and community safety with new and innovative programming, educational efforts, technological advances and the best-trained campus law enforcement staff in the area. Check out our expansive patrol operations, on- and off-campus outreach efforts, and nationally recognized Student Safety Programs.