Public Safety's programs can be tailored to your group’s specific concerns and needs. If there is a topic not listed that you would like to explore, we are willing to help you obtain the appropriate information and/or referrals. To schedule a program, contact Public Safety at 288-6800.

Self-defense program

Personal safety tips, in conjunction with simple physical techniques, allow participants to feel confident in avoiding and escaping potentially dangerous situations during this program. Since the program encourages participants to practice the techniques, proper attire is a must. Several classes are scheduled during each semester and individual requests for larger groups can be made with advance notice.

Personal safety awareness

Since Marquette is located in a downtown neighborhood, students should gain knowledge of safety and security tips that will prove helpful when traveling on and off campus. Gaining an awareness of your environment and developing strategies to react to any situation is the focus of this program. Suggestions for maintaining personal safety while traveling by bus, car and when walking are also discussed.

Safe clicking: online safety and security

In today's world, it is becoming more necessary and efficient for college students to work and interact with others on line. When using on line communication sources, it is important to consider the potential consequences of sharing personal information with the world. Safely and securely living the "virtual life" is the focus of this program.

For more information, please visit the IT Services Safe Computing page.

Alcohol and drug awareness

This program focuses on the issues surrounding alcohol and drug use and the effects of these behaviors. Local ordinances and laws governing underage drinking are also discussed. This interactive program utilizes alcohol impairment simulation goggles for participants to wear as they attempt to navigate through physical agility exercises. Thought-provoking questions and scenarios bring the issues to light in an informal yet educational experience.

Keeping your good name safe: identity theft prevention

According to FBI statistics, identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the U.S. Preventing identity theft by employing simple strategies is the focus of this program. Public Safety's crime prevention officers will offer expert advice on keeping your name and personal information from entering the hands of thieves.


Student Safety Programs

Public Safety continuously addresses campus and community safety with new and innovative programming, educational efforts, technological advances and the best-trained campus law enforcement staff in the area. Check out our expansive patrol operations, on- and off-campus outreach efforts, and nationally recognized Student Safety Programs.