Donna McCarthy

Highest Degree
PhD, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Brief Statement of Scholarly Interests
My program of research addresses the pathobiology of illness symptoms, including fever, anorexia, and fatigue.

Selected Publications

Norden, D.M., McCarthy, D.O., Reiser, Godbout, J.P. & Wold, L.E. (2015) Ibuprofen Ameliorates Fatigue- and Depressive-like Behavior in Tumor-bearing Mice. Life Sciences, 143, 65-70.

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Stevens, S.C.W., Velten, M., Youtz, D.J., Clark, Y., Jing, R., Reiser, P.J., Bicer, S., Devine, R.D., McCarthy, D.O., & Wold, L.E. (2015). Losartan treatment attenuates tumor-induced myocardial dysfunction. Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology, 85, 37-47. DOI: 10.1016/j.yjmcc.2015.05.007.

Norden, D.M., Devine, R., McCarthy, D.O., & Wold, L.E. (2015). Storage conditions and passages alter IL-6 secretion in C26 adenocarcinoma cells. MethodsX, 2, 53-58.

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Neal, J.L., Lamp, J.M., Lowe, N.K., Gillespie, S.L., Sinnott, L.T. & McCarthy, D.O. (2015). Differences in inflammatory markers between nulliparous women admitted to hospitals in preactive vs active labor. American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology, 212, 68.e-18.

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McCarthy Beckett, D.O. (2014). PhD preparation of nurse faculty and nurse scientists: Do they have to be the same? Nursing Research, 63, 156-157.

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Rowell, J.L., McCarthy, D.O., & Alvarez, C.E. (2011).  Dog models of naturally occurring cancer.  Trends in Molecular Medicine, 17, 380-388.

Xu, H., Crawford, D., Hutchinson, K.R., Youtz, D.J., Lucchesi, P.A., Velten, M., McCarthy, D.O., & Wold, L.E. (2011).   Myocardial dysfunction in an animal model of cancer cachexia.  Life Sciences, 88, 406-410.

McCarthy Beckett, D., Pycha K., & Berg, T. (2008).  Effects of curcumin on tumor growth and muscle mass in a mouse model of cancer cachexia. Oncology Nursing Forum, 35, 455-459.


DHHS, PHS, NIH, NINR, 1R01: February, 2012-December, 2016; $2,219,595.
Muscle Function and Depression-like Behavior in a Mouse Model of Cancer-related Fatigue. PI: D. McCarthy 2/2012-8/2013, co-I 8/2013-12/2016.

DHHS, PHS, NIH, NINR, F31: August, 2011- July, 2013. Antioxidant treatment of muscle wasting and fatigue in tumor-bearing mice. PI: Y. Clark, sponsor: McCarthy

Oncology Nursing Society Foundation: March, 2010- February, 2012; $50,000. Depression and Fatigue in a Mouse Model of Lung Carcinoma. PI: D. McCarthy

DHHS, PHS, NIH, NINR, F31: January, 2009-November, 2011. Osteosarcoma genetics using an animal model. PI: J. Rowell, sponsor: D. McCarthy

DHHS, PHS, NIH, NINR, R15: December 2008-November, 2011; $225,000. Development of a biologically-based nursing intervention for cancer cachexia. PI: D. McCarthy

DHHS, PHS, NIH, NINR, R01: September, 2008-August, 2013; $2,376,468. Psychoneuroimmune contributions to postpartum depression. PI: B. Corwin, co-investigator, D. McCarthy


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