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Second baccalaureate degree

Marquette baccalaureate degree holders with good scholastic records may be admitted to candidacy for a second baccalaureate degree from Marquette. Application for readmission and acceptance into such a program is made through the readmission procedure in the Office of the Registrar. The appropriate dean will review the application and, if admission is granted, will work with you to develop a specific plan of study.

Candidates for the second degree must complete all of the requirements of the college that offers the degree. The minimum residence requirement is 32 additional semester hours of upper-division credit. Eligibility for graduation with university honors and the attendant grade point average and rank in class do not apply to the second baccalaureate degree. Students with a baccalaureate degree who wish to further their education should consider the option of applying for admission to a graduate program.

Note: Completing an additional major may or may not constitute the completion of a second degree. Consult the college that offers the degree for further clarification.

With the written approval of the college(s) offering the degrees, a student with a good scholastic record who has not yet completed his/her first baccalaureate degree may enroll in courses that will count toward a second baccalaureate degree. In this case, an approved plan must be provided to the Office of the Registrar. The plan must delineate clearly which courses will apply to the first degree and which apply to the second degree. All other conditions specified above apply.

Second master's degree

If you already hold a Marquette master's degree, you may earn a second Marquette master's degree in another discipline following the Graduate School or the Graduate School of Management's application procedures. Other master's program requirements apply, including thesis, project, essay and comprehensive examination.

During the first term of study for a second master's degree, you must plan, with your adviser, a program of study to include at least 30 credit hours of which at least 18 must be completed at Marquette.

A maximum of 12 semester hours may be transferred from your first master's degree at Marquette and/or another accredited graduate school provided departmental endorsement and approval are obtained from the Graduate School or the Graduate School of Management.



The Office of the Registrar is the official keeper of academic records including course registrations, grades, transcripts and diplomas.

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