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Marquette University
Summer Payroll Calendar

May 15, 2016 to August 20, 2016

The 2016 Summer Student Employment Program begins May 15, 2016. Summer salary authorizations should not have an ending date that extends past August 20, 2016!

Dates included in Payroll Period
(Sunday thru Saturday)

Timesheets due at Payroll
(by Noon)

Paycheck Issued

May 15 – May 28

May 31

June 8

May 29 – June 11

June 14

June 22

June 12 – June 25

June 28

July 6

June 26 – July 9

July 12

July 20

July 10 – July 23

July 26

August 3

July 24 – August 6

August 9

August 17

August 7 – August 20

August 23

August 31

Employers please note: You must have a valid salary authorization on file with the payroll department before you can approve your student’s timesheet in EmpCenter.



The Marquette University Student Employment Services is one of the units within the Office of Student Financial Aid and has the following responsibilities:

  • Help students secure employment for the purpose of offsetting educational expenses.
  • Help students obtain career related and practical work experience.
  • List (through JobConnection) of on and off campus job vacancies.
  • Ensure university-wide compliance with student employment policies and procedures, and to recommend and implement revisions.
  • Recommend and implement procedures for compliance with federal, state, and university regulations regarding student employment, Federal Work Study, and/or the Job Location and Development programs.
  • Help student employees understand their responsibilities and commitment to their jobs and their employer.

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