Admissions Calendar

If you know a few major (and some minor) holidays, you know Marquette's admission and financial aid cycle. The following information does not apply to international undergraduate applicants.

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Apply for admission

(Beginning August 1)

Of course, students may apply for admission before Labor Day, but most will not have their transcripts available from their high school/college offices until after Labor Day. If students apply for admission and have other information sent later (e.g., transcripts, test scores), we will assemble all of the pieces in the student's file to ensure the application is complete and ready for review. We encourage applications no later than November 1 to ensure that all credentials reach us by the December 1 application deadline.

Application deadline

December 1 (Feast Day of St. Eligius)

For all of its academic programs, Marquette has a priority admission and Père Marquette Award deadline of Dec. 1 (postmark/submit date). Applications completed after Dec. 1 will be considered on a space-available basis for admission and scholarship.

Admission notification

January – early April (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – April Fool's Day)

Admission decisions begin rolling out from Marquette beginning in January.

Scholarship deadline

February 1 (Groundhog Day — close enough)

Special scholarship programs at Marquette have a February 1 deadline. View complete information about Marquette scholarships and apply online here.

Scholarship notification

Mid-February to early April (Valentine's Day – April Fool's Day)

Père Marquette Award decisions are mailed in mid-February.

Final decisions on all special scholarship programs are mailed in mid-March. Some, but not all, special scholarship programs will notify semifinalists before mid-March to arrange for phone or in-person interviews.

Financial aid notification

Mid-March (St. Patrick's Day — think green)

Financial aid packages are posted to the student's Checkmarq account beginning in mid-March. We strongly encourage filing the FAFSA online as close to February 1 as possible so your financial aid information can be posted when the first awards are processed.

National Candidate Reply Date

May 1 (May Day)

Marquette follows the National Candidate Reply date, the day by which students must notify their colleges of their intention to enroll (or not enroll). You have until May 1 to submit your tuition and housing deposit to Marquette.

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