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If you wish to retain content from a course site, you can do so prior to the annual Course Cleanup date.

The process described here will allow you to download a .zip archive file of all the material from the course site it is performed in. This includes Content, Course Files, News Items, Quizzes/Surveys and Question Libraries, Grade book, Discussion Forums and Topics, and Dropbox folders.

This does not include any student submissions, contributions, or individual grades.

Information on downloading various types of student data is available in Section 2: Student Data Export.

A video tutorial of the course export process is available too.

Section 1: Course Export Process

  1. From the Course Home, click the Edit Course link in the upper right.
  2. Next, click Import / Export / Copy Components.

    D2L Course Administration Screenshot

  3. Select Export Components. NOTE: Include course files in the export package is selected by default and best practice to ensure a complete archive is to leave this selected.
  4. Then click Start.

    D2L Import/Export/Copy Components Screenshot

  5. Check the box next to Select All Components.
  6. Then click Continue.

    D2L Select Course Material Screenshot

  7. Verify that the box next to Include course files in the export package is checked.
  8. Then click Continue.

    D2L Confirm Components to Export Screenshot

  9. Wait until there is a green check mark in front of each item in the Export Summary. NOTE: For a course with unusually large files or a very high number of files, this may take a significant amount of time. Avoid attempting this while on a wireless network or slow connection. If the attempt does not complete, please contact
  10. Then click Finish.

    D2L Export Course Components Screenshot

  11. The link to Click here to download the export Zip package will allow you to then download all of the files in a zip file package.
  12. Finally, clicking Done will exit the course export.

    D2L Export Summary Screenshot

Section 2: Student Data Export

First and foremost it is critical to maintain the privacy of student records. It is recommended that this information reside only on secure campus networks and not on personal or portable storage devices.

For more detail, please refer to Marquette's FERPA policy. Student data and contributions for Grades, Quizzes, Dropbox, and Discussions, are all exported from each area within D2L. The following guides explain the different methods necessary for exporting student data from each.