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Temporary Disability

Marquette University is committed to supporting the academic success of all students, but recognizes that certain life events may inhibit this process. Students who suffer from temporary impairments such as broken bones, temporary illnesses, and recovering from surgery or medical conditions are typically not substantial enough to be considered a disability recognized under disability laws as the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) does not recognize temporary disabilities as a disability for which accommodation is legally mandated.  The Office of Disability Services may be able to provide some assistance and referrals in these situations, but cannot guarantee that services will be provided. For example, students whose temporary injuries impact their ability to write might be provided Carbon Copy Notebooks from the Office of Disability Services and be directed to ask either their faculty member to identify a potential note taker or another student in the class to use the Carbon Copy Notebook to take duplicate notes.

In an effort to assist students with temporary disabilities explore temporary support for the duration of their injuries, student should contact the Office of Student Educational Services (AMU 407, 414-288-4252) for other support options and/or contact Public Safety (Parking Structure 1, 414-288-7320) if your injury compromises your mobility.




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Academic Services is here to help students reach their academic and personal goals. We offer group and one-on one workshops about: