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Session 1: 5/19/14 - 6/28/14                                          Section#
THEO 1001 Introduction to Theology 101 (Dist. Learning)
THEO 2210 Theology Through the Centuries 101 (Dist. Learning)
THEO 2310 Explorations in Christian Theology 101   
THEO 2500 Theology, Violence & Nonviolence 101
Session 2: 6/30/14 - 8/9/14                                          Section#
*Special summer programs, reserved sections. Spaces may become available mid-June. Meet 5 weeks: 6/30/14 - 8/2/14
THEO 1001 Introduction to Theology 103*
THEO 2100 New Testament Overview 101
THEO 2210 Theology Through the Centuries 102
THEO 2400 Christian Discipleship 101
THEO 4510/5510 Theology in the Early Church 101
The 5000-series component of upper-division courses is graduate-level.


Theology Department Mission Statement

Theology Department Mission Statement

Marquette University defines itself as Christian, Catholic, Jesuit, urban, and independent. The Department of Theology functions within the university to investigate and understand the Catholic tradition, its relation to other Christian communions, and to other religions of the world. Read more of our mission statement.