Double Major in Theology: Double Your Experience and Job Chances

Brice ClelandI took Theology as a major along with Exercise Science and Psychology. Although Theology was a second major for me, it was still an extremely important part of my development as a person during my undergraduate career. I chose Theology as a major because while studying the body and the mind, I also felt that understanding the spirituality of the individual is just as important. Taking Theology allowed me to explore a lot of the intricacies of my Catholic faith and broach some of the difficult issues of understanding that many Catholics face. My experiences in various Theology classes helped me develop as a well-rounded person and helped improve my resume as I applied for graduate schools. I think my broad range of education and experiences made it clear to graduate schools that I can approach topics from a unique perspective.

Brice Cleland, '11

Remington TonarThe challenge of answering humanity’s most proverbial existential questions, questions to which there are often no satisfactory answers, is what initially compelled me to study theology at Marquette. The theology department’s diverse and accomplished faculty exposed me to a variety of perspectives on important theological and ethical topics, and I still consider my professors from Marquette to be some of the best teachers and mentors that I have ever had. During my senior year, I became interested in the similarities between religious cultures and the cultures that form around commercial brands. To further explore these similarities, I elected to pursue a graduate degree in theology and another in corporate communications, focusing my research on the parallels between religious communication and marketing communication. I currently live in New York City, where I work in the brand insight and strategy industry. In my career, I find that much of the theological philosophy, anthropology and history that I was exposed to at Marquette has a tremendous amount of practical application in the business world. This comes as a surprise to many, and when they ask how I discovered these connections, I smile and reply: I went to Marquette.

Remington Tonar, '09

Regina Galassi Initially, I entered Marquette with the intent of studying History and Education. As my first year progressed and I began exploring options for a Theology minor, I soon discovered that I could also blend my interest in both Theology and ministry with Education through a the newly offered Catholic Theology degree plan. This degree allowed me the opportunity to both major in Theology and take a few Education courses to prepare me for the possibility of teaching Theology at a Catholic school. Not only was I happy with the opportunity to discuss and learn about many of the beautiful truths of my faith, but I was also able to gain experience as a teacher through practicums and student teaching. Currently, I teach Theology and act as Campus Minister for an all girls Catholic high school in Houston. My studies at Marquette have tremendously prepared me for this work as I not only gained the theological knowledge necessary to teach my students, but I simultaneously obtained the practical insights for how to best convey that material in lessons that are engaging and productive.

Regina Galassi '11, Major in Theology for Catholic School Ministry

Theology Major and Church Service

Garret Gundlach S.J.

I choose theology because God has been so active in our history and I want to be part of God's work in the present – study, discussion, prayer, and praxis spring us there.

I choose theology because I want to jump on board with the Spirit that's transforming the world, heart by heart, injustice by injustice, and community by community.

I choose theology because I endlessly want to wonder and pray with the mysteries of an eternal God who would willingly tread our world – I want to give everything I have and am to following Jesus to spread Gospel love, a subversive wildfire.
Garret Gundlach S.J., '09

Kollin Petrie“What are you going to do with a theology major?” Countless people have asked me this. My answers have ranged from the straightforward, “Advance in the job it helped me get” to the defiant, “Change the world.”

Both are true.

If you have an understanding of theology, you can far better implement and integrate your knowledge of other disciplines. Theology illuminates all other academic endeavors. Like a candle in a dark room, it reveals the purpose of studying other subjects, because it seeks to answer the everlasting question of “Why?”

Finding your “why” is the purpose of college. You can get a job with any degree, but if you don’t know why you’re working, what’s the point?

The choice to major in theology was not a safe choice, nor was it an obvious choice. It was a choice to be different. It was a choice to stand out from the crowd. It was a choice to follow my passion.

In a tough economy like this, you will want to be different. You will want to stand out from the crowd. Why not follow your passion?

Kollin Petrie, Theology '11


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Theology Department Mission Statement

Theology Department Mission Statement

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