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Social media at Marquette

Social media is a field with a growing audience, and it provides a powerful tool for communicating with Marquette’s key audiences. This website aims to show the scope of Marquette's presence in social media and provide guidance for university partners.

It makes strategic sense for Marquette to be involved in social media because:

  • Good communication practice dictates that we use all methods to engage our audiences wherever they are.

  • There are already conversations about Marquette in social media, and our participation allows us to lead the discussion that defines our brand.

  • Social media is an innovative communication channel and allows us to position the university as an innovator among our peers.

  • Social media gives us the ability to interact directly with our audience and connect our audience with each other, which is key to building engagement.

  • Social media allows us to drive and harness the power of word of mouth — the buzz factor — which is perceived as more credible and authentic than traditional marketing materials.

Marquette is active on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr and Foursquare. As of February 2011, Marquette had more than 23,000 fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter, more than 750 videos on our YouTube channel, more than 2,000 photos on our Flickr page, and the 10th-most popular university Foursquare profile in the country.

For Marquette's full white paper on social media, e-mail Sr. Director of Interacted Marketing & Digital Strategy Tom Pionek.


Why we use social media: