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Sojourner Family Peace Center- Life Skills Programs

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Wednesdays 4:30-6:30pm

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Fridays 10:00-12:00pm

Description of the Agency/Activities: The Sojourner Family Peace Center is a leader in addressing the problems of domestic violence and the needs of survivors in the Milwaukee community. The Sojourner Family Peace Center provides services for all adult victims of abuse, children who have been abused or witnessed domestic violence, and both male and female perpetrators of violence. Their programs include the Courthouse Advocacy Program, Legal Emergency Assistance Program, Children's Advocacy Program, Child Witness to Domestic Violence Project, Ending Violence through Education (EVE), Beyond Abuse (BA), Belle Resource Center, and an emergency shelter.

Student Role in the Agency: During this Fall 2013 semester, Service Learners will work on researching and compiling resources for survivors of domestic violence related to employment, education, and economic empowerment, assist with client tracking to document program outcomes, and assist with planning and facilitation of Life Skills workshops for clients. Service Learners will gain a large exposure to working with empowerment-focused programming for domestic violence survivors and victims.

Students will also have the opportunity to meet with survivors of domestic violence during groups and individual appointments to identify barriers that face clients and then will help link them to appropriate resources. Students will work with the individuals on empowerment plans, strengths and goals work, self-esteem, employment issues, and financial literacy. The students may begin by watching LS staff conduct these appointments and then as they become comfortable will meet on their own with clients.

Commitment: 3 hours per week. Must be available on Tuesday and/or Thursday from 9am-12pm, or Wednesdays from 5-7:30pm. Other hours can be arranged outside of those times. Service Learners also must fill out a volunteer application and background check form which must be completed before service can begin.


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Marquette University Service Learning
P.O. Box 1881
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Phone Number: (414) 288-0250
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