Event and Emergency Management Plan

The focus of all emergency planning is the safety and security of our Marquette students and staff.

The university has a detailed Event and Emergency Management Plan that has been shared with local law enforcement and emergency management agencies. The plan includes provisions for declaring a campus state of emergency, activating an Emergency Operations Center, emergency notification and communication procedures, and mutual aid agreements.

Marquette has several key resources for dealing with a crisis.

Security is everyone's business. If anyone indicates a concern about his or her personal safety or that of a friend, please encourage him or her to immediately notify Public Safety at (414) 288-6800.

On a day-to-day basis, Marquette's Department of Public Safety and all university offices work to create a safe environment for everyone at Marquette and to help both students and employees develop lifelong safety habits.



Student Safety Programs

Public Safety continuously addresses campus and community safety with new and innovative programming, educational efforts, technological advances and the best-trained campus law enforcement staff in the area. Check out our expansive patrol operations, on- and off-campus outreach efforts, and nationally recognized Student Safety Programs.