Dr. Richard Holz
Lt. Col. Robert Hassler
Aerospace Studies - Commanding Officer
Dr. Rosemary Stuart
Associate Dean for Planning
Dr. K Dale Noel
Biological Sciences - Chair
Ms. Mary Dunnwald
Associate Dean for Budget and Finance
Dr. Scott Reid
Chemistry - Chair
Dr. James South
Associate Dean of Faculty
Dr. Johns Su
English - Interim Chair
Dr. Susanne Foster
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Dr. Anne Pasero
Foreign Languages and Literatures - Chair
Ms. Mary Minson
Senior Assistant Dean
Dr. James Marten
History - Chair
Ms. Pauline Thomas
Director of Student Records
Dr. Amelia Zurcher
Honors Program - Director
  Dr. Gary Krenz
Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science - Chair
  Lt. Col. Michael C. Gibson
Military Science – Commanding Office
  Captain Daniel F. Olson
Naval Science – Commanding Officer
  Dr. Nancy Snow
Philosophy - Acting Chair
  Dr. Brian Bennett
Physics - Chair
  Dr. Lowell Barrington
Political Science - Chair
  Dr. John Grych
Psychology - Chair
  Dr. Jane Peterson
Social and Cultural Sciences - Chair
  Dr. Robert Masson
Theology - Chair