Student Organizations

Students across Marquette's campus are engaged in organizations that effectively work for peace and justice, and are active in leading change on campus. We are proud to sponsor, support, and serve as a resource to the various peacemaking and social activism student organizations across campus.

The Center for Peacemaking sponsors two student organizations:

And has worked with and supports several more:


In our quest to educate and train the next generation of nonviolent peacemakers and to build a community dedicated to nonviolence at Marquette University, the Center holds weekly gatherings to discuss theories of nonviolence and contemporary social justice issues on the campus, local, national, and global levels.

The group meets from 3-4 pm on Fridays at the Center for Peacemaking. Snacks provided.

CRS Campus Ambassadors

The Marquette CRS (Catholic Relief Services) Campus Ambassador Program is a response to CRS's call for Catholic universities to establish organized student involvement with CRS initiatives.

The Center for Peacemaking will hire three campus ambassadors each year to learn about CRS, increase the awareness of CRS on-campus, and contribute to the work of CRS. The student ambassadors will receive mentoring and guidance so this experience will benefit them by building a professional network, develop valuable workplace skills, and learn to use reflection as a key component of personal growth.

Expectations for the ambassadors are that they attend the regional CRS campus ambassador training, participate in structured and self-directed learning activities, organize one major event a semester, and make a public presentation to share their experiences and recruit the next group of ambassadors.

Youth Empowered in the Struggle

YES (Youth Empowered in the Struggle) is a student-led, multicultural organization that fights for justice for immigrants, students, and workers. YES is the youth branch of Voces de la Frontera, Wisconsin's largest immigrant rights organization.

Students for Justice in Palestine

Students for Justice in Palestine is dedicated to raising awareness on the Palestinian crisis, and the injustice that the indigenous Palestinian people have been facing for so long. They also wish to promote Palestinian culture on campus.


JUSTICE (Jesuit University Students Together in Concerned Empowerment) is a student organization dedicated to increasing awareness of social justice issues and taking action to fight these injustices.

Step Up!

The Step Up! Marquette Chapter is dedicated to educating the student population about the history of the 1994 Rwanda genocide. Through various events involving music, dance, performance, film and lecture, the Step Up! Marquette Chapter also shares with the Marquette students and staff what is being done in Rwanda today by the national Step Up!

Muslim Student Association

The Marquette Muslim Student Association is an organization for students of the Muslim faith on campus.

Native American Student Association

The Native American Student Association's mission is to gather students from different cultural backgrounds to share in the discussion of America's Native Peoples and to raise awareness of historical and contemporary indigenous affairs.


The mission of SEAC (Students for an Environmentally Active Campus) is to instill green living into the students and faculty of Marquette University by promoting sustainable practices from waste reduction to energy conservation and encouraging the respect for our natural world.


Women and Youth Supporting Each Other (WYSE) is a national mentorship organization. WYSE is dedicated to strengthening the lives and communities of young women of color through a curriculum based, group, and one-on-one mentorship program.


ChangeMakers@MU’s goal is to expand the reach of social innovation & social entrepreneurship across Marquette. Everyone can be a ChangeMaker, fostering positive social change in keeping with Marquette's Catholic, Jesuit mission & identity.

Midnight Run

Midnight Run is a volunteer service program which was initiated by students in 1988. It focuses on the particular needs of the hungry and homeless people living in the community around Marquette.


Their mission of Marquette Mardi Gras (Making A Real Difference in the Gulf Region and Areas Surrounding) is to raise awareness about the needs of post-Katrina New Orleans and the area surrounding, rebuild homes and neighborhoods affected by this disaster, and form meaningful relationships with the community.

Hunger Clean-Up

Hunger Clean-Up has grown to be Marquette’s largest day of service -- bringing together approximately 1,500 individuals to volunteer with over 50 agencies each April. This stage is set by a dedicated team of student leaders committed to service who work in the fall and spring to mobilize their peers while increasing awareness, support, and resources for local programs addressing issues of poverty.