Soup with Substance

About Soup with Substance

The Center for Peacemaking, Campus Ministry and Intercultural Engagement partner to host Marquette's Soup with Substance program.

Inspired by the "round table discussions" of Peter Maurin and the Catholic Worker Movement, Soup with Substance is a noon-time presentation on an issue related to peacemaking and social justice over a simple meal of soup and bread.

The program invites members of the Marquette and Milwaukee community to listen to and discuss a topic with a local or national figure known for his/her academic or community work in nonviolence. This program occurs on Wednesdays and has existed at Marquette for over 40 years.

Upcoming Events

To receive event notices for Soup with Substance, select the "Soup with Substance" box in the email form to the right. Below is an archive of recent Soup with Substance event notices.

Please note that the date listed is the date the email was sent, not the date of the event.

Recommend a Topic and Speaker

Contact the Center for Peacemaking to recommend a topic and speaker for a future soup with substance event. Please email with "Soup with Substance Speaker Recommendation" in the subject line.