ANTH 4320          Culture, Law and Violence

CMST 3100          Communication and Conflict

CMST 3410          Intercultural Communication

CRLS 4660           Criminal Violence in America

ECON 4048          The Russian Economy

ECON 4070          Economics and Ethics

ENGL 4810           Race, Ethnicity, and Identity in American Literature and Culture

ENGL 4820           Studies in Race and/or Ethnic Literature

HIST 3118            American Military History

HIST 4266            Nazi Germany and the Holocaust

HIST 4320            United States-Latin American Relations

HIST 4460            Modern South Africa

HIST 4600            Comparative Twentieth-Century Genocides

INPS 2010            Introduction to Peace Studies

INPS 4986            Internship in Peace Studies

INPS 4997            Capstone Seminar in Peace Studies

LAW 7983             Restorative Justice Clinic

PHIL 3350            Philosophy of the Environment

PHIL 3710            Political Philosophy

PHIL 4320            Contemporary Ethical Problems

PHYS 1009            Earth and Environmental Physics

POSC 2801           Justice and Power

POSC 4561           Politics of the Developing World

POSC 4601           International Law

POSC 4611           International Organization

POSC 4631           World Conflict and Security

POSC 4651           The Politics of Human Rights

POSC 4661           The Political Economy of Development

POSC 4721           International Politics of the Middle East

POSC 4731           International Politics of Asia

POSC 4741           United States-Latin American Relations

PSYC 3201            Introductory Social Psychology

PSYC 3210            The Psychology of Prejudice

SOCI 4400            Social Inequality

SOWJ 2300           Conflict Resolution and Restorative Justice

SOWJ 3400           Advocacy and Social Change Theory and Practice

SOWJ 3450           Arab and Muslim Americans

SOWJ 4600           Faith-based Activism

SOWJ 4700           Global Aid and Humanitarianism

THEO 2400           Christian Discipleship (Dorothy Day)

THEO 2500           Theology, Violence, and Nonviolence

THEO 4400           Christian Faith and Justice

THEO 4490           Studies in Moral Theology (Forgiveness, Reconciliation, and Justice)

THEO 4490           Studies in Moral Theology (Martin, Malcolm, Baldwin, and the Church)

THEO 4530           Islam: Faith and Practice