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The Marquette University Parents Association was created in 1955 to engage current and past parents of Marquette students in relationship with the university.

The purpose of MUPA is to establish avenues of communication between parents and the university by which information may be exchanged, items of interest may be discussed, opinions may be expressed, and elements of mutual concern may be examined.


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As alumni to the university and now parents of a Marquette student, we feel fortunate to have the connection to the Parents' Association. The Association is a great source of information, as well as a wonderful means of involvement with the university during our time as Marquette parents.

Over the many years, we have seen Marquete grow and change. What hasn't changed is that Marquette continues to have many caring, dedicated staff and faculty members, deans, vice presidents and a president who are truly concerned and want to hear what parents have to say to help make Marquette the best it can be.

Our volunteer-link to Marquette through the Parents' Association is one that we are thoroughly enjoying.


Jan (HS ’73) and Carl (Bus Ad ’73, Grad ‘74) Gargula

Parents' Association Board Members since 2007


The Marquette Parents' Association provides wonderful opportunities for parents to remain connected with the new environment of their students.  So, there are definite benefits to be reaped from participating, whether as a volunteer for a MUPA event, or as a MUPA board member:  information, education, involvement, meeting people who share similar interests and concerns.  But more than that, volunteering for MUPA, and especially serving on the Board, is a way to give back. 

"We Are Marquette!" -- that's all of us, not just our kids, and faculty and staff, but also parents and other family members.  Being embraced by and welcomed into the Marquette community is an enriching experience, for which I am happy to give something in return:  a bit of my time, talents, and enthusiasm.  So, serving on the MUPA Board is a two-way endeavor, but one where I always feel I receive way m ore than I give.  At our new family orientation, Fr. Wild said, "we have each been given many gifts, but they're all meant for others."  That's what working for MUPA, in a small way, is all about. 

Waltraut Lehmann

Parents Association Board Member since 2006


Over the course of the past 50 years MUPA has served the university with its managerial and professional experiences. It often shares suggestions and concerns to members of the university's administration.

Among MUPA's more important functions is the financial support of the university to encourage its development and academic growth. Previous fund-raising efforts supported by the Parents Association include:

Currently, the Parents Association fund-raising efforts support Marquette Today, enhancing the educational experience for all current students at Marquette.


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