Letter from the Dean of Students

Marquette University Dean of Students, Dr. Stephanie Quade, shares her advice and important tips with parents of first-year students, during this time of transition. 

Dear Parents,

As your new student’s arrival draws closer, I am writing to offer some advice during this time of transition. Whether this is your first, last, only or “somewhere in the middle” child to start college, this summer is no doubt marked by some common themes and questions—for both you and your son or daughter.

It has been said that first-year students will make more independent decisions within the first weeks of college, than they may have made, up to this point in their lives. To help ease your son or daughter into these first formal steps of adulthood, you may wish to initiate conversations on some key points of challenge in the transition. Many of these topics will be covered during New Student Orientation and other events during the opening weeks of the semester.

Some topics to consider:

While we are committed to making a difference with our students, we understand and value the role parents and families play in educating their student about alcohol use and the college setting. This is why we have made AlcoholEdu for Parents available to you, I encourage you to review the course. For those whose son or daughter may be taking prescription medicines, it will be critical to ensure that your student has a clear sense of potential side effects of skipping doses or mixing drugs with alcohol, and risks of sharing or selling prescription drugs with other students.

The majority of students will adapt well to their new environment, new pressures and new people—and more than adapt, they will flourish. Please know that all of us at Marquette University are committed to help ease this transition, and that in particular the staff in Student Affairs are here also to help students avoid pitfalls and learn from mistakes along the way.

Our theme for New Student and Family Orientation is “First Things First”—a reminder to students to establish their priorities as they begin college and to never lose sight of what is most essential along their journey. These coming weeks are equally important in this process: they are making initial contacts with roommates and classmates and beginning to draw their first ideas about who they want to be when they start college. Your support for your new student will be essential to help him or her navigate these first weeks and get started on the right foot.

I look forward to welcoming your new student to campus this fall and am very pleased to welcome you to the Marquette family!


Stephanie L. Quade, Ph.D.

Arts, ’84, Grad, ‘94

Dean of Students


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