Spirituality Education Awareness and Sikhism (SEAS)

Spirituality Education Awareness and Sikhism (SEAS) is a new group open to EVERYONE on campus! The goal of this new group is to raise awareness about Sikhism, by sharing our thoughts on different topics of Spirituality. Each meeting will be focused on a different topic regarding Spirituality and there will be an open and informal discussion on that topic. I would like to emphasize that this group is not only for Sikhs or Indians, it is in fact for anyone who is interested in questions of Spirituality and/or learning about Sikhism.

Accordingly, the next meeting is going to be on Wed, 14th Nov from 6:30-7:30pm and the discussion. topic for that meeting is going to be: "The Purpose of the human life". Please contact jasleen.bhasin@marquette.edu for further details!! Thank you so much and hope to see you and your organization members on Wed the 14th November or at the future meetings!

Becoming Financially Literate

Do you like healthy competition? What about club bonding? What if you could do both while educating yourself on finances—for free? The Office of the Bursar offers a chance for your club to do just that. We’ll introduce you to the topics of banking, credit, financial safety, and MU resources. Afterwards you’ll compete against one another in a Jeopardy style game based on your new wealth of financial literacy knowledge! And yes, the winning team will receive a prize!

Give your club the chance to have fun while becoming financially literate! E-mail us at moneymatters@marquette.edu to schedule a presentation today.

Fundraising Opportunity: Buena Vida Coffee

Looking for a fundraiser over Thanksgiving or Christmas break? Buena Vida Coffee is a Marquette student-run, not-for-profit coffee company. We import organic, fair trade Honduran coffee through Stone Creek Coffee. For every bag of coffee sold, organizations in our fundraising program earn five dollars toward their goal. On a larger scale, each bag sold ensures fair trade prices to organic coffee farmers, supports sustainable farming practices and provides one meal for one child at the Sociedad Amigos de los Niños orphanage in Honduras. A break from school is a great chance to increase sales for your fundraiser. Consider asking friends and family back home to support your fundraiser by buying a bag of Buena Vida Coffee. Marquette organizations that fundraise with Buena Vida Coffee share a distinct advantage in being located on the same campus as the company: shipping on all fundraising orders is free of charge. Marquette organizations also follow in the footsteps of several successful fundraising campaigns on campus, such as the Club Ultimate Frisbee team, which raised over $1,000 in fundraising with Buena Vida Coffee.

Conversations for Change

The Division of Student Affairs Diversity Committee is hosting Conversations for Change on November 8, 2012 from 6-8pm in the AMU Lunda Room. This event is designed to hear from current Marquette students about their experiences and opinions on how to make Marquette a more diverse and inclusive campus. Students will share their experiences and opinions with other students, Diversity Advocates, and members of the Diversity Committee. This event also strives to bring students together who are passionate about social justice, diversity, and inclusion.

Highlight Your Organization to Prospective MU Students!

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions is looking for student organizations wanting to co-plan on campus events for prospective students. During our spring overnight Shadow Visits, we’d like to be able to showcase our talented campus and the diversity of our student organizations with about 350 prospective students and their student hosts. We’ll be hosting a variety of events throughout the spring, on the evenings of February 28th, March 7th, March 21st, April 4th, April 14th, and April 25th. Please contact Katie Pope in the Office of Admissions at Katelynn.pope@mu.edu if your organization would like to be showcased!

Student Organization Leadership Series: Planning a Service Project

Ever wanted to plan a service project but just couldn't get it done? Task of planning and managing seem too daunting? This session will make sure that your organization gains the tips, tricks, and skills of planning and managing a smooth and successful service project. For more information, please visit the event page here!