Step 1: Complete the Student Organization Request to Organize Form

The Student Organization Request to Organize Form may be picked up in the CLSI, AMU 137, or by clicking here.

Please return completed forms to the Office of Student Development, AMU 121 or the CLSI, AMU 137.

Step 2: Meet with OSD

After you have submitted the required paperwork, OSD will arrange a meeting with you to discuss plans for your organization, and to review the approval timeline.

Please note – Request to Organize Forms received after the deadline will be deferred to the following semester.

Step 3: Organizational Approval

In order to gain full recognition, your organization must receive approval from both the Office of Student Development, and the Marquette University Student Government.

After your organization has been approved, all new organizations will be required to attend a training to acquaint the group with all relevant student organization policies and procedures.


Alcohol Initiatives

Alcohol Initiatives

Each student arrives to campus with different experiences with alcohol. Whether you have experience with alcohol or not, or whether you plan to incorporate alcohol into your college experience or not,the Alcohol Initiatives program strives to give you the information you need to make the right decision for you. Visit the Alcohol Initiatives site here.