We invite and encourage you to join the CTSI as they strive to advance clinical and translational science by bringing together CTSI and the community in a multidisciplinary research and training environment to improve the health and well-being of the citizens of Wisconsin and people worldwide.

CTSI provides a vast array of services to its members, including:

To join the CTSI follow the instructions here,

Applying for Adjunct Status at CTSI and MCW

Obtaining adjunct status in CTSI opens up the doors for researchers to take advantage of research support units that are administered by the institute.  In addition, researchers with adjunct status can apply to the CTSI grant programs.  In doing so, researchers can link to other individuals in participating institutions with similar appointments and interests. 

Application Process

In addition to becoming a CTSI member and the CTSI Adjunct Faculty Appointment Form, please provide:

Complete application packages can be sent to Erin Folstad in Holthusen Hall, Room 341 or call x8-3642 and someone can pick it up. In order to prepare a letter of endorsement from the Vice Provost for Research, also send a very brief summary of any specific past accomplishments and credentials that should be noted, and a summary of past and future translational research plans (which may already be included in the statement of purpose).