Program to Support Travel of Faculty on Sabbatical during 2015-2016

Sabbaticals provide opportunities for faculty to potentially explore new areas of scholarship and could be enhanced by travel that does not fall under the FDA or RRG program guidelines.  For example, attending a conference in a different discipline, without making a presentation, could provide an opportunity to interact with potential collaborators or learn more about emerging scholarship.  A program for sabbatical travel support will be supported during 2015-2016.

A one-page application indicating: (a) the proposed travel plans, (b) the purpose of the trip, and (c) relationship to the sabbatical plan should be submitted.  Proposals will be reviewed for two deadlines: September 11, 2015 and December 2, 2015 in order to provide flexibility and opportunity for Fall or Spring semester travel.  Awards will typically be in the range of the amounts awarded via the faculty development travel funds. 

Submit your application electronically to:





Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
1324 West Wisconsin Avenue
Holthusen Hall, Suite 341
Milwaukee, WI 53233