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Housing selection, job descriptions and applications — download and print.



The Roomers newsletter, a monthly publication put out by the Office of Residence Life, is a great way to keep abreast of important events and dates in the halls.

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How to log in to the Campus Living Web site

Returning students must log into the Campus Living Web site and enter their CheckMarq username and password.

If you do not see see the welcome screen, you probably received the following access denied message:

This message means that you have incorrectly entered your username or password. Please remember the following:

Your username must be entered in all lowercase letters.
(For example: 1234smithj, not 1234SMITHJ)

Your password must be entered in a case-sensitive format.
(For example: If your password is GoldenEagles1, it must be entered in the same mixed-case format — NOT goldeneagles1 or GOLDENEAGLES1)


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Office of Residence Life
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Telephone: (414) 288-7208
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