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NEW! 2014 Summer Meeting of Academic Ombuds

Office of the Ombuds

NEW! 2014 Summer Meeting of Academic Ombuds


Marquette established its Office of the Ombuds during the fall of 2002 at the recommendation of its Gender Equity Implementation Task Force. In doing so, Marquette gave concrete expression to its care for the person, its quest for organizational excellence, and its commitment to justice and fairness.

The goal of the Ombuds is to ensure that fair processes are firmly in place and that everyone has access to them. This site outlines services offered through the Office of the Ombuds.

To learn more, contact the Office of the Ombuds

Kerry Egdorf, Ph.D., Ombudsman
Phone: (414) 273-1453*
Location: Cudahy Hall, 404

Alternate contact information for ombuds-related issues
Cell: (414) 916-0107

I'm available to talk with you on the phone or meet with you on or off campus.  Please call (414) 273-1453* to schedule an appointment. 

*If you are calling from an MU campus phone, you must dial 9+ the number; the new number is not part of the campus phone system.


NOTICE:  Email should not be relied upon as a resource for confidential communication.  Due to the confidential, neutral and informal nature of the Office of the Ombuds, communication with this office does not place Marquette University on notice.  The office does not keep formal records, and the Office of the Ombuds should not be sent or copied on formal messages.

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  Phone (414) 288-7041  ·  Cudahy Hall, 404  
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