Name of Report Date Available Report Location
Fall 2015 Statistics October 9, 2015 Headcount Enrollment
Full-Time Equivalent (FTE)
Major & Minor Counts
Freshmen Information
Student Credit Hours (SCH)
Class Size Information
Retention & Graduation Rates
Freshman Profile October 16, 2015 Web version
Email OIRA for a copy of the full report
Undergraduate Profile October 16, 2015 Email OIRA for a copy of the report
Common Data Set October 16, 2015 Common Data Set (CDS)
Information Book January 13, 2016 Information Book
Spring 2016 Statistics February 12, 2016 Student Enrollment/FTE
Majors and Minors
Student Credit Hours
Class Size Distributions
Faculty Information February 12, 2016 Faculty information
Department Profiles March 25, 2016 Department Profiles
Summer 2016 Statistics July 15, 2016 Headcount Enrollment
Full-Time Equivalent (FTE)
Degrees Awarded July 15, 2016 Degrees Awarded

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