Each year, The Office of International Education announces a call for submissions for the International Research Poster Session. Held in conjunction with the Forward Thinking Poster Session and Colloquy sponsored by ORSP, this event is held annually in the fall.

Along with supporting promising international research, the overall aim of the poster session is to encourage and showcase international research among faculty members from all disciplines. One project presented at the poster session will be awarded a $3,000 Marquette International Research Award by a peer review panel.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017
1-3:30 p.m.
Alumni Memorial Union, Ballrooms
Reception to follow

September 29, 2017 – Submit the Intent to Participate form on the Forward Thinking Poster Session page located on the ORSP website http://www.marquette.edu/orsp/PosterSession.shtml
November 1, 2017 –Submit your abstract (required) and grant letter (if applicable) by 4 p.m. as two PDF documents on the Forward Thinking Poster Session page located on the ORSP website http://www.marquette.edu/orsp/PosterSession.shtml



In order to participate in the International Research Poster Session, projects must fulfill the following requirements.

  1. A Marquette faculty member must be attached to the research project as the principal investigator, although graduate research assistants are welcome to present at the poster session on behalf of the faculty member.
  2. Projects must have an international component that is fully integrated into the research and plays a critical role to its success. More specifically, it is preferred that the research is either based, has subject matter, or has direct real-world applications outside of the United States.
  3. Projects must describe work that will take place in the next 12 months. These projects can be ongoing, and faculty members are encouraged to describe past research results, but all projects must contain a "next step" proposal.
  4. A poster representative must be present for the entire poster session to be eligible for awards.
  5. Each project is limited to one poster.

Step #1: Submit Intent to Participate Form - September 30, 2016

Please complete and submit the Intent to Participate Form on the Forward Thinking Poster Session page located on the ORSP website http://www.marquette.edu/orsp/PosterSession.shtml. This form simply indicates your intent to participate in the International Research Poster Session.

Step #2: Submit Abstract - due november 1, 2016

On the Forward Thinking Poster Session page located on the ORSP website http://www.marquette.edu/orsp/PosterSession.shtml there is a button that will link you to the online intent to participate form. You will fill out this form with your Project title and the names and email addresses of the lead faculty member and lead student for the project. This is due September 30 and is required for presentation of an abstract at the event.

After September 30 the button on the website will change, leading you to the abstract submission form. This form will request the following:

At the bottom of the page there is a place to upload your grant application as well as your abstract if it includes special characters. Please indicate via the checkbox whether this application is intended for an International Research Award.

If you have any questions about the online Intent and Abstract submission process, please contact Erin Folstad at Erin.Folstad@marquette.edu.


Step #3: Submit Grant Application Letter - due November 1, 2016

The Office of International Education will award one $3,000 grant as selected by a panel of peer judges selected from across the university. These awards can be used for international travel, supplies or other services required in conducting the research. Funds must be used in the fiscal year from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017. These are cost-reimbursable awards: an awardees' department will be reimbursed by OIE using an expenditure transfer.

If you wish to be considered for one of these two grant awards, you must submit a separate grant application letter along with your abstract via the online application found at http://www.marquette.edu/orsp/PosterSession.shtml by November 1, 2016. Your letter should be written in a business letter format and must follow the guidelines below:

The judging will take place during the poster session and judges will have advance access to your abstract and separate grant application letter. Judges will review posters and projects, rotating from presenter to presenter. Presenters must be in attendance when judges visit their poster to be eligible for awards.

The Office of International Education will select faculty and staff to judge those projects that have an international component. Judges will visit the applicant’s poster or attend the colloquy and base their decision on the following:


Poster Guidelines

Posters and projects will be presented during the poster session. Posters are meant to be visual aids for researchers to help present their project in person, not necessarily a comprehensive presentation in themselves.

In creating your poster, keep in mind the following recommendations:

  1. Poster backing board will be provided. This poster board is 30” x 40” and your poster should fit within those dimensions.
  2. Posters can be a variety of formats, from hand-made layouts to fully printed pages.
  3. Print should be readable three to six feet away.
  4. A number of programs can be used to design posters, including MS Publisher, MS PowerPoint and Adobe InDesign.
  5. Printed posters can be done at any regular print shop, including Kinkos and Office Depot. Color posters are more expensive than black and white posters. The Biological Sciences Department also has a large scale printer that can be used on a limited basis for a small fee.

For Questions on the International Research Poster Session

Contact Terence Miller, Director of the Office of International Education at terence.miller@marquette.edu or x8-7289

For Assistance in Creating Posters:
The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs in partnership with the Ott Memorial Writing Center will be hosting an informational session on Creating Posters for Conferences. This session is open to all faculty and students. Attendees will learn how to condense a project into a poster format best practices for poster creation, and examples of what makes a successful poster.

The workshop will take place on Thursday, November 2nd at 3:30pm in the Digital Scholarship lab of the Raynor Memorial Library. If you would like to RSVP, please email Sherrie Dorff at sherrie.dorff@marquette.edu.

Important Note on Proprietary and Confidential Information
As this is a campus-wide event, the university is taking no special measures to safeguard the confidentiality of materials being presented. Additionally, photographers and/or videographers will be at the event. If your project involves confidential or proprietary materials, including those provided by third parties (e.g., the subject of a Material Transfer Agreement) or if your project involves patentable subject matter, contact Sherri Kirsch in ORSP at sherri.kirsch@marquette.edu or x8-5329 to ensure that your presentation does not result in public disclosure.