Project Beyond


Pre-admission intensive session for new freshmen

An intensive, on-campus, four-day summer session to begin socialization and readiness for college; it focuses on note-taking, study skills, test-taking strategies, giving presentations, professional writing, using university resources, applying for scholarships and accessing faculty assistance

Academic and personal support

Sessions include alternating structured and non-structured sessions and presentations from faculty, students, university leaders, support services, and other community leaders; non-structured sessions where students can ask questions, request discussion topics and conduct study groups


Nurse mentor program

The opportunity to be assigned a nurse mentor for a student's BSN education; mentors are Marquette faculty and professional nurses from the community, health care system. Contact Terrie Garcia, Project Coordinator: 414-288-3822.

Scholarship and stipend assistance

Assistance for students from diverse backgrounds who are eligible to apply and given additional help.

Focused programming to address the social determiants of health




The Marquette Neighborhood Health Center

The center is designed as a nurse managed health center, under the auspices of the Marquette University College of Nursing, providing community access to health care services while enhancing educational opportunities for nursing students. Learn more about MNHC.