Terry and Sally Doyle



Terry & Sally Doyle

When looking at colleges with our daughter, two things were most important to us: A quality education and national recognition. Marquette University offered both.

As Marquette alums, we understand the value of a Jesuit education. We know that our daughter will receive the highest quality education in nursing, but will also graduate with critical thinking, problem solving and good communication skills. These are skills she will need in all walks of life. While we considered all of the “big things” in helping her choose a university—residence hall living, library facilities, overall look and feel of campus—it has the small things that really made a difference.

We like the fact that Marquette students begin nursing classes during freshman year. Our daughter is excited to begin her nursing classes right away and will have that opportunity beginning in her first semester. It isn’t a general health sciences program with transfer into nursing a few years down the road. She is guaranteed clinical placement so there is no question that she will receive the training she needs to graduate in four years. When we attended Discovery Days, it became immediately clear that the faculty and administration in Marquette’s College of Nursing are interested in each and every student. They volunteered contact information for questions we might think of after the event. When we had questions, they were prompt and thorough with their responses. It is clear the instructors are excited about teaching, excited about their field and excited about their students.

Our hope for our daughter is that she graduates with the skills she needs to be successful in her career and that her education takes her anywhere she wants to go. Marquette’s nursing program has national recognition as a competitive, top quality program. With only a 44 percent acceptance rate into the program for fall 2005, it is clear that Marquette recruits top quality students. We know her education here will help her excel in her field.


College of Nursing Mission Statement

Through a transformational Catholic, Jesuit education, Marquette University College of Nursing prepares nurse leaders to promote health, healing and social justice for all people through clinical practice and development of nursing knowledge.