How can I learn more about this program?

To learn more about these programs, contact:
Shelli M. Otto
Project Administrative Assistant
Marquette University
(414) 288-3820

Dr. Marilyn Meyer Bratt, Ph.D., R.N.
Project Director
Marquette University
(414) 288-3840

I am a new graduate. How can I find out if a hospital offers a residency program?

Contact the human resources department of the health care organization to which you are interested in applying. Ask if the organization offers a formalized program for new graduates that extends beyond the traditional orientation and precepted experience. If the organization offers a program, obtain information about the structure, length, and requirements for participation.

I am a staff development/nurse educator in my organization. How can I bring this program to my organization?

Because this is a federally funded program, organizations interested in bringing this program on site should contact the WNRP project office.

What are the benefits of a nurse residency program?

Organizations that offer the WNRP have reported a significant increase in new graduate nurse retention rates after implementation of the program. Organizational stakeholders have noted improvements in new graduates’ critical thinking, enhanced performance, increased involvement in the organization and earlier assumption of leadership roles. New graduates have reported decreased sense of isolation, increased confidence in clinical decision-making, expanded clinical knowledge, and enhanced ability to access and use appropriate resources.

What makes the WNRP preceptor workshops unique?

Driven by the key components of the preceptor role, the workshops provide preceptors with the tools they can use in real-time practice. Using a highly interactive format that includes simulation learning, preceptors have the opportunity to perform these newly learned skills and obtain feedback, thus increasing their ability to translate them to the clinical unit.


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