Marquette Neighborhood Health Center

The vision of the Marquette Neighborhood Health Center is to reduce health disparities by delivering quality health care to adult women in the Milwaukee metropolitan area and to provide clinical education to advanced practice and undergraduate Marquette nursing students.

Mission statement

Our mission emerges from the mission of Marquette University and the College of Nursing, reflecting commitment to excellence, faith, leadership and service. Moreover, our mission is guided by the Catholic Church’s vision of health care as a continuation of the healing ministry of Jesus Christ. Health care, guided by professional codes of nursing, is based on respect for all persons and their cultures, concern for ethical values and a holistic approach. We strive to enhance opportunities for education, scholarship and research for nursing faculty and students through using and studying best practices and innovative approaches to nursing care and service delivery.

Approach to care

The Marquette Neighborhood Health Center is designed as a nurse-managed health center, under the auspices of the Marquette University College of Nursing, providing community access to health care services while enhancing educational opportunities for nursing students.

Our certified advanced practice registered nurses provide high-quality health care that is evidence-based, ensures individualized approaches and includes a preventive focus. Graduate and undergraduate students participate in client care under faculty supervision. Referral for services, such as specialized medical care, physical therapy, nutrition counseling, emergency care and hospitalization, is provided as needed. Physician consultation is available to discuss care management guidelines and to collaborate on individual client plans if the complexity or seriousness of a client’s situation warrants. If admitted to the hospital, a client’s care is managed by a hospitalist (acute care physician specialist), which is commonly done in other primary care practices.



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