Kathleen Bobay
Associate Professor

(414) 288-3851


Nursing Administration, Health Care Systems Leadership

Highest Degree
Ph.D., University of Michigan

Brief Statement of Scholarly Interests
I am interested in the effects of the nurse work environment on patient and nurse-sensitive outcomes. My current research involves the nurse work environment effects on 30-day readmission, ED utilization and patients' perceptions of discharge teaching. I am also studying patient-level factors in failure to rescue and RN job satisfaction.

Titles of Courses Recently Taught

Selected Publications

Newhouse, R. Bobay, K., Dykes, P.C., Stevens, K.R., & Titler, M. (in review). Methodology issues in implementation science. Medical Care.

Salamon, L., Victory, M., & Bobay, K. (in press). Identification of patients at risk for falls in an inpatient rehabilitation program. Rehabilitation Nursing.

Lewis, C. Gunta, K., Mitchell, K., & Bobay, K. (2012). Effectiveness of multimodal pain management protocol in total knee replacement patients, Orthopedic Nursing, 31(3), 153-159.

Stendahl, G., Bobay, K., Berger, S. & Zangwill, S. (2012). Organizational structure and processes in pediatric heart transplantation: a survey of practices. Pediatric Transplantation, 1b, 257-264.

Nicklasch, D. & Bobay, K. (in press). Quality improvement project: analysis of efficiency of current order set for the diagnostic work-up to evaluate neurogenic stress for the diagnostic work-up to evaluate neurogenic stress myocardium in aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage. Journal of the Academy of Nurse Practitioners.

Weiss, M.E., Yakusheva, O., & Bobay, K.L. (2011). Nurse staffing, readiness for hospital discharge, and post-discharge utilization. Health Services Research, 46(5), 1473-1494.

Bobay, K.L., Yakusheva, O., & Weiss, M.E. (2011). Outcomes and cost analysis of the impact of unit-level nurse staffing on post-discharge utilization. Nursing Economics, 29(2), 69-78,87.

Nosbusch, J.M., Weiss, M.E., & Bobay, K.L. (2011). An integrated review of the literature on challenges confronting the acute care staff nurse in discharge planning. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 20(5-6),554-574.

Bobay, K.L., Jerofke, T.A., Weiss, M.E., & Yakusheva, O. (2010). Age-related differences in perception of quality of discharge teaching and readiness for hospital discharge. Geriatric Nursing, 31(3), 178-187.

Weiss, M.E., Yakusheva, O., & Bobay, K.L. (2010). Nurse and patient perceptions of discharge readiness in relation to postdischarge utilization. Medical Care, 48(5),482-486.

Bobay, K.L., Gentile, D.L., & Hagle, M.E. (2009). The relationship of nurses’ professional characteristics to levels of clinical nursing expertise. Applied Nursing Research, 22, 48-53.

Bobay, K.L., Fiorelli, K.L., & Anderson, A.J. (2008). Failure to rescue: a preliminary study of patient-level factors. Journal of Nursing Care Quality, 23(3), 211-215.

Feng, X., Bobay, K., & Weiss, M. (2008). Patient safety culture in nursing: a dimensional concept analysis. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 63(3), 310-319.

Matheson, L. & Bobay, K.L. (2007). Validation of oppressed group behaviors in nurses.   Journal of Professional Nursing, 23(4), 226-234.

Bobay, K.L. (2004). Does experience really matter? Nursing Science Quarterly, 17(4), 313-316.

Grants or Awards
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Title: A Quality and Cost Analysis of Nurse Practice Predictors of Readiness for Hospital Discharge and Post-Discharge Outcomes (Co-PI: Weiss, Bobay, Yakusheva)

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