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FAQs about Marquette's College of Nursing Master of Science

Down ArrowQ: What are the prerequisites?

     A: Students must submit a completed application, have a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing Degree, three letters of recommendation (one academic recommendation preferred), have a GPA of at least 3.0 and successful completion of the following courses with a C or better:

  • Nursing Research 3 credits
  • Health Assessment 3 credits
  • Statistics (with Inferential Analysis) 3 credits — within five years of program start date

In addition, students must hold a current RN License in the state of Wisconsin and must be in good standing. A current Resume and a Goal Statement are also required.

Down ArrowQ: Do the prerequisites have to be completed before start of the program?
     A: Yes, Statistics can be taken the first semester, however all other prerequisites need to be completed.

Down ArrowQ: When can I apply?
     A: Students should apply about 6 months before their intended start date. There is no set deadline to apply for this program, but it may not be possible to process applications received less than 6 weeks prior to the start of the semester.

Down ArrowQ: Do I have to take the GRE?
     A: You only have to take the GRE if your undergraduate GPA is less than 3.2.

Down ArrowQ: How much is tuition?
     A: More information on the cost of graduate tuition is on our tuition and costs webpage.

Down ArrowQ: Where can I find information on graduate financial aid?
     A: A: For more information regarding financial aid, visit Marquette Central.

Down ArrowQ: Are any of the classes offered Online?
     A: Yes, but the majority of course work still includes class time.

Down ArrowQ: How long does the program take to complete?
     A: This will depend upon if you go full-time and the option you select. Part-time program plans are set up individually. Regardless, the MSN program must be completed within 6 years.

Down ArrowQ: What options do you offer?

     A:We offer a Master of Science Degree and the specialty options are:

Advanced Practice Nursing: Adult-Older Adult Acute Care Nurse practitioner, Adult-Older Adult Primary Care nurse practitioner, Nurse-Midwifery,  Pediatrics Primary Care, Pediatrics Acute Care, and Clinical Nurse Leader and Systems Leadership & Healthcare Quality. 

Down ArrowQ: Do I have to interview for a certain option?
     A: Yes. The Midwifery option requests an interview for selected students. Otherwise, it is encouraged that students speak with their option coordinator.

Down ArrowQ: How large are the clinical groups and will I be able to pick my own?
     A: Clinicals are arranged by the college. Please contact the Option Coordinator for more clinical information. To find out who the option coordinator is for each program, please contact Karen Nest at or 288-3810.

Down ArrowQ: When are classes offered?
     A: Classes are typically offered during the late afternoon and evening. Not all courses are offered every semester. Your academic advisor will create a program plan to help keep you on track.


College of Nursing Mission Statement

Through a transformational Catholic, Jesuit education, Marquette University College of Nursing prepares nurse leaders to promote health, healing and social justice for all people through clinical practice and development of nursing knowledge.