MUGrid is a grid of computing resources at Marquette University. It consists of several resources at Marquette University, either centrally managed by the university or individually maintained by individual research labs.

University centrally managed HPC resources

Père is a university centrally managed 1024-core HPC cluster. It is named in honor of Père Marquette, the Jesuit explorer and namesake of our university.

Père is the primary local HPC resource at Marquette. Every facculty and student can access Père and getting support without cost.

To apply an account on Père or look for related documents, please go to Marquette HPC website at

HPC Resources at Reserach Labs

Marquette Distributed Condor Pool

MUGrid originally included a distributed Condor pool containing over 500 cores. These cores are distributed throughout the Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science, the Marquette Bioinformatics Grid (MBiG), the Library and the College of Engineering.



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Campus Grids

Campus grids link together computing resources at an institution to support research and collaboration. A goal of campus grids is to provide a seamless workflow from data collection to analysis and dissemination of results. The campus grid is an essential component of discovery in the 21st Century. Read the Cyberinfrastructure Vision for 21st Century Discovery report for more details.