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Credit load

If you are a non-degree student, you may register for a maximum of seven credits each term. Written authorization from your dean/director must be acquired for exception to this policy. When requesting an exception, you may be required to present transcripts and other documents for evaluation.

Maximum credit limit

Ordinarily, non-degree students may accumulate a maximum of 24 credits at Marquette. Authorization from the office of the dean is required before you may exceed this limit.

Academic progress

As a non-degree student, you are expected to maintain satisfactory academic progress at Marquette. Your progress in these areas is monitored regularly by the office of the dean/director. The university's policy and procedures governing scholastic censure apply to non-degree students and are exercised as necessary by the colleges.

Changing to degree status

Twenty-four credit hours earned at Marquette on non-degree status is the maximum that may be applied toward a degree in all disciplines with the exception of nursing, in which only 12 credit hours may be applied.

Normally, students who are accepted and enroll with non-degree status must complete at least 12 credits before applying for degree status.

A 2.000 grade point average in Marquette course work is a minimum requirement to be considered for degree status.

At the time you petition for degree status, you must comply with all regulations regarding new admission to the university.



The Office of the Registrar is the official keeper of academic records including course registrations, grades, transcripts and diplomas.

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