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The following letter grades and their achievement equivalents are used by instructors in the Graduate School and the Graduate School of Management to evaluate a student's performance in a course. Grade points corresponding to each letter grade determine a student's academic average and eligibility to graduate.

Each grade, A through F, has a specific points value. The points earned in any course equal the point value of the grade multiplied by the number of semester hours credited. The grade point average is found by dividing the total grade points earned by the total number of semester hours credited in those courses for which grade point values have been assigned.

Note: Credits that are accepted for a Marquette degree, if transferred from another university, will not be included when calculating the student's GPA.

GradeAchievement Points value
A Superior 4.00
AB   3.50
B Satisfactory 3.00
BC   2.50
C Minimally acceptable on a limited basis for graduate credit 2.00
CD Not approved for graduate students  
D Not approved for graduate students  
F Failure 0
Grade points are not affected by the following grades:
ADW Administrative withdrawal. Assigned when a student is withdrawn from a course for administrative reasons, as determined by the university via a formal hearing and/or appeal process.
AU Audit. Carries no graduate credit. Students must register for the course as auditors, attend class meetings regularly and fulfill such other requirements as may be assigned in writing by the course instructor no later than the second meeting of the class after registering for audit.
AUA Audit. Included in attempted credits.
CR Credit. Equivalent to C work or better.
I Incomplete
IC Temporary grade assigned in any course not scheduled for completion by the term grading deadline. This grade does not infer any negative activity on the part of the student.
IE Temporary grade assigned to those students who are granted an extension to the deadline to remove an I, IX or X grade.
IX Incomplete and missed examination.
NC No Credit. Equivalent to less than C work.
PI A permanent grade assigned to those students who do not have the temporary grades of I, IX or X removed by the published deadline.
SNC/UNC Satisfactory/no credit and unsatisfactory/no credit. Mandatory grading option used for satisfactory or unsatisfactory work done in zero credit-bearing courses.
S/U Satisfactory/unsatisfactory. Alternative grading option to the A-F scheme used by the colleges in credit-bearing, competency-based courses.
SY Permanent grade indicating satisfactory work completed in the first term of a series of year-long courses and where grades are assigned only to the final course in the series.
UW Unexcused withdrawal. Assigned when a student is registered for the course, never attends and fails to officially withdraw from the course.
UY A permanent grade indicating unsatisfactory work completed in the first term of a series of year-long courses, where grades are assigned only in the final course in the series.
W Withdrawal (before withdrawal deadline). Signifies an official withdrawal with the approval of the vice provost for research and graduate programs.
WA Withdrawn-excessive absences; withdrawal initiated by the faculty or college office because of excessive absences.
X Missed examination

All graduate students must maintain a grade point average of at least 3.00 to graduate. Normally, graduate courses are not repeated for a higher grade.

CR/NC grading

Under no circumstances may the undergraduate CR/NC option be exercised by a graduate student taking an undergraduate course for graduate credit. Further, graduate students required to take undergraduate courses as prerequisites or to remedy deficiencies may not take those courses for CR/NC grades.

However, a few select graduate courses are offered for CR/NC grades only. CR/NC graded courses are different than CR/NC option. Courses of this type usually are limited to practica, department colloquia or special seminar courses.



The Office of the Registrar is the official keeper of academic records including course registrations, grades, transcripts and diplomas.

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