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Full-Time Tuition Rates

Per term

Arts and Sciences 12-18 credit hours $16,405
Business Administration 12-19 credit hours $16,405
Communication 12-18 credit hours $16,405
Education 12-18 credit hours $16,405
Engineering 12-19 credit hours $16,405
Health Sciences Credit hours may vary. $16,405
Physician Assistant Studies $16,405
Physical Therapy (Doctoral Phase — years four through six) $17,670
Nursing $16,405

An additional $185 per credit hour will be assessed for students taking more than 18 credits hours (19 for engineering and business).

Full-Time Law & Dentistry Tuition Rates

Per term

Law School 12-18 credit hours (students who enrolled in fall 2010 or after) $19,345
  12-18 credit hours (students who enrolled before fall 2010) $17,960
Dentistry 12 or more hours
In State* $20,495
Out of State $24,825
Dental Graduate Program Orthodontics $15,090
Prosthodontics $12,550
Endodontics $15,420

* The state of Wisconsin provides a tuition subsidy for certain dental students who are Wisconsin state residents. As with any governmental appropriation, the exact amount is subject to change as part of the legislative process. The expected state subsidy for 2012-13 is $4,330 per term per Wisconsin resident, but is subject to change at any time. Students will be billed for any reduction in the expected state subsidy and credited for any increase.

Student Fees

The following required fees are charged to all full-time undergraduate students per semester:

Student Activity Fee $30
Student Health Service Fee $142
UPASS Fee $45
Total Student Fees $217

Tuition calculation for the following is based on the student's career and/or academic plan.

Per Credit Hour Tuition Rates

Graduate School $985
Education Graduate $735
Graduate School of Management Master of Business Administration Program $985
Health Sciences Professional   $985
Law School Students who enrolled in fall 2010 or after $1,545
  Students who enrolled before fall 2010 $1,430
Undergraduate Courses Part-time (non-part-time studies program) $955
College of Professional Studies $610


Room and Board Rates

Per term

Hall/Room Type  
Room Type Rate with Meal Plan
Abbottsford Triple $4,640
Carpenter Single $6,050
Double $5,270
Cobeen Single $5,995
Double $5,180
Triple $4,280
Quad $5,240
Mashuda Single $6,050
Double $5,480
Large Double $5,500
Triple $4,535
Quad $5,400
McCabe Large Double $5,500
Triple $4,640
McCormick Double $5,270
Triple $4,535
O'Donnell Single $5,995
Double $5,180
Triple $4,400
Schroeder Double $5,270
Triple $4,640
Straz Single $6,050
  Double $5,610
  Quad $4,870

Meal Plan Only

Per term

Anytime Dining $1,860




The Office of the Bursar produces semester bills, processes student payments and credits student accounts with financial aid. Semester bills include tuition, housing charges, and other applicable fees.

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