About SHAB

The Student Health Advisory Board (SHAB) is an advisory body for the Marquette University Medical Clinic (MUMC). SHAB works to ensure the satisfaction and quality of health care at Marquette by voicing student concerns to the administration of the Marquette University Medical Clinic. Its members are responsible for representing the needs, opinions and ideas of students; evaluating proposed budgets; recommending changes in services, and participating in the publicity and marketing of the Marquette University Medical Clinic. For more details, please see the SHAB description. PDF

SHAB Meetings

Student Health Advisory Board meetings are open to the public, and students and staff are welcome to attend; however, SHAB reserves the right to close a meeting or any part thereof to discuss confidential matters. If you have a health services concern that you would like to be discussed at a future meeting, please e-mail the SHAB Advisor, Dr. Shanyn Lancaster.

Date Agenda Meeting Minutes
9/10/13 N/A meeting minutes
9/24/13 Agenda 24Sept13 meeting minutes
10/8/13 Agenda 8Oct13 meeting minutes
10/22/13 Agenda 22Oct13 meeting minutes
11/5/13 Agenda 5Nov13 meeting minutes
11/19/13 Agenda 19Nov13 meeting minutes
12/3/13 Agenda 3Dec13 meeting minutes
1/21/14 Agenda 24Jan14 meeting minutes

All meeting minutes are in PDF format. PDF


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