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Two Minute Stories

Unsigned painting

The canvas is untraditional, but for an anonymous alumnus, a new coat of paint was just what was needed to polish up the dignity of the Old Gym. He spent plenty of time inside when he was an Army ROTC student. When he returned to campus last year for the Veterans Day ceremony, he thought this old friend could use a little spit and polish. After all, this is headquarters for Marquette students who go on to serve their country. In a salute to those students, he requested the privilege of getting the job done. He also founded a scholarship for ROTC students.

What’s missing?

Richard and Judith (Briedis) English were settling into their new retirement home, hanging mementos, including Judith’s diploma, Arts ’58. Then Richard realized he didn’t have a diploma of his own to hang beside it. Wait! Did he graduate? His memory played tricks so he called Marquette for confirmation. Yes, but he left the country for a job in Puerto Rico and didn’t pick up the sheepskin. Could he have it 50-plus years later? Marquette was pleased to comply. “I have it hung now,” says Richard, Arts ’59. “It means a lot from a sentimental point of view.”

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