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Two Minute Stories

One up on the Irish

There was no subterfuge … just silent bidding. Timothy Curran, Arts ’97, went to work when the pastor of his family’s Catholic parish offered the naming rights for the street flanking their church and kids’ school in a fundraising auction. Tim’s stealth won the night and the top prize. A “Marquette Place” street sign now stands less than a mile from Notre Dame campus much to the chagrin of many of the school parents and faculty members who are ND grads. “Our choice has not been, shall we say, well-received,” writes Carol Zanoni Curran, Arts ’97.

Need a nurse?

God bless these alumnae who’ve reunited since 1989 to lunch, reminisce and talk all things nursing. They range from World War II era to present day and share heaps of nursing education, practice and knowledge. Although one of the founding members, Virginia Duero, Nurs ’54, passed away, the group continues to reconnect without fail each June and December.

We virtually toast these nurses who treasure their Marquette connection: Corrine Drexler Ebmeier, Nurs ’60; Donna Lawrence, Nurs ’55; Mary Mayer Tlachac, Nurs ’61; Diana Hankes, Grad ’77: Joan Mulligan, Nurs ’42; Mary Jane Schank Doney, Grad ’80; E. Charlotte Theis, Nurs ’53; Ruth Stollenwerk Ritter, Nurs ’52; Beverly Thomas, Nurs ’64; and Terry Tobin, Nurs ’60, who continues to teach one elective at Marquette.

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