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Dear Father Wild ...

Well-wishers shared memories and praise. Share yours below as a comment.


Comment by Camille Devaney at Apr 19 2011 05:57 pm
Fr. Wild,
I graduated in 1963 and 66 long before you arrived on the MU campus. Marquette has served me very well, personally, professionaly and spiritualy. Thanks to you and your many Jesuit brother who came before you, I am very proud to be an alumna. Good luck and God Bless in whatever your future holds.
Comment by Pat at Apr 19 2011 10:32 pm
Will you be coming to Minocqua the first Wednesday in August this year? We certainly hope so, even though your official retirement begins three days earlier.

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Comment by Bill and Jeanne Plunkett at Apr 22 2011 10:18 am
Dear Fr. Wild,

When our oldest daughter came to Marquette as a freshman in August, 1996 so did you. It was your first year at Marquette. We were lucky enough to have all three of our child graduate from Marquette and all of them were lucky to have you as the president of the university while they attended MU. Your leadership brought many wonderful additions to Marquette and your vision helped bring Marquette successfully into the 21st century. Best wishes to you as your retire but we are guessing you will continue to make wonderful contributions to education and to the Jesuits in the years ahead.
Bill and Jeanne Plunkett
Comment by William H. Hoffman at Apr 29 2011 11:19 am
Dear Fr. Wild,

Congratulations on your many accomplishments over the last 15 years at Marquette. God's blessings on your future endeavors.

I especially want to thank you for your thoughtful responses to my various letters regarding the University that has played a major role in the spiritual and career lives of me and my family.

Warm regards,

Bill Hoffman and Family
(BA '61 & MD '65)
Comment by Javaid Iqbal Qureshi at May 01 2011 08:21 am
Dear Father Wild,
I am a Marquette graduate of 1989 and met you last year at Marquette University Alumni reunion in July 2010.
You might remember me that I came all the way from Pakistan to attend the Alumni reunion.
I visited Marquette after 21 years and I found out great changes and improvements at Marquette. You really have done a great job. Please, keep it up.
GOD bless you.

Javaid Iqbal Qureshi
Assistant Professor
EE - Department
FAST - NU, Karachi, Pakistan
Comment by Elizabeth Johnnie at May 04 2011 06:10 pm
Dear Father Wild,
May your retirement years be filled with blessings,compliments,happiness,and joy. May your wisdom be accompanied by "Cura Personalis" as usual. May the Good Lord Hear our prayers to keep you healthy and going as long as possible.

I received my Ph.d('01) and my son Joe, received his BS (Bio/Engineering) during the years of your presidency. We sensed your guidance and support for your students while we were there and enjoyed it greatly. And we deeply thank you for that.
Our Best Wishes to you for a long-lasting happiness and joy.

Joe, Elizabeth and Johnnie

.Elizabeth J.
Joseph J., and Johnnie Nedungattu.
Comment by Gary Seno at May 17 2011 09:54 pm

Thank you for all you have done for MU. You have done much to bring MU to national prominence.

As a student in the 70's I witnessed the first transformation of our campus under Father Raynor and the first run of our sports teams in the national spot light. Under your leadership I have seen the continued transformation of the campus and the reemergence of our sports tradition.

Over the years I have had several chances to talk with you and always appreciate how approachable you make yourself.

Enjoy your retirement.

Gary Seno
Business '78, Grad '86
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