Research Carrel Policy

Carrels provide quiet space within Memorial Library for advanced research.  The number of research carrels in Memorial Library is limited and, therefore , use of the carrels is restricted to faculty and graduate students of the University. Because the number of carrels available represents less than 5% of the total faculty and graduate student population, a priority system has been developed to provide this scarce resource to those Marquette researchers who have the greatest need. One third of the carrels are reserved for faculty engaged in active research.


An application for a research carrel maybe obtained at Raynor Circulation Services or on the Libraries’ Web site. Application. Completed applications should be returned to the Raynor Circulation Desk.

  • Assignments will be made in this priority order:

    1. Faculty on sabbatical who are remaining at the University to pursue research.
    2. Doctoral students who are writing their dissertation while they remain on campus.*
    3. Faculty with research requiring extensive use of library resources.
    4. Masters candidates who are writing their thesis while they remain on campus.*
    5. Other faculty and graduate students on a first come, first served basis for active research.

    * An application from a graduate student writing a dissertation or thesis must be accompanied by a letter from the director of his or her graduate program, confirming that the student is writing his or her dissertation or thesis during the semester for which the carrel will be provided.

  • To allow for more effective use of the carrels, carrels will be assigned one semester at a time. Carrels will be available for the following three periods: fall semester, spring semester and the summer session. Graduate students may renew a carrel twice. Faculty engaged in long-term research projects may be permitted additional renewals with a maximum of three years.

Library Materials

Library materials kept in carrels must be checked out. Library staff monitor carrels and possession of unchecked-out library materials may result in confiscation of materials and loss of privileges.

Furniture and maintenance

Carrels are furnished with a chair, desk, shelves, and wastebasket. Library furniture from other areas of the building may not be moved into the carrels. Heaters, heating elements, and microwaves are not allowed in carrels. Carrels may not be used for purposes other than active research, such as storage of materials; installation of telephones and electrical outlets is prohibited. Questions regarding this policy should be directed to Janice Welburn, Dean of Libraries.


Carrels should be locked at all times when not in use.  Marquette University Libraries assume no responsibility for the loss of, or damage to, personal possessions kept in carrels. For security reasons, occupants of carrels should not obscure the windows in their carrel with paper or other materials.

Questions about the Research Carrel policy should be addressed to Joan Sommer, Head of Access Services (414) 288-1997, or