The Circulation Departments in both Raynor and Memorial Libraries handle book check-outs and returns, recalls for library material checked-out to another user, and all notices and bills for overdue material. The Raynor Circulation Desk is located just inside the turnstiles and the Memorial Circulation Desk is located on level 2 next to the Bridge.

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Borrowing privileges

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  • Most library material can be renewed if no other user has requested the material.
    EXCEPTION: -- BROWSING, CISZEK, CHILDREN'S, and MANRESA books can NOT be renewed.
  • Renewal of items must be made before the due date. (four weeks for faculty/staff and one week for all other users)
  • Books may be renewed online or at the Circulation Desk.
    EXCEPTION: -- Alumni and Courtesy Card holders do not have online renewal capability; they must either renewed books in-person or by phone at (414) 288-7555.


    1. Go to the Raynor Memorial Libraries Login screen.
    2. Enter your Marqnet/e-mail username and password in the corresponding boxes.
    3. Click on, “Submit.”
    4. Select: “Items Currently Checked Out.”
    5. You may renew INDIVIDUAL titles by selecting the “Renew” button in front of each book. After selecting the individual titles you would like to renew, click on the "Renew selected items" button.
    6. You may renew ALL checked-out items by selecting the “Renew All” button.

Holds and Recalls

  • A combined maximum of five active holds and/or recalls at one time are allowed per user.
  • All circulating items are subject to recall by other users; the first user is guaranteed 10 days usage. (Material needed for Class Reserve must be returned immediately.) When a recall is issued the original due date is canceled and a new due date is established.
    • EXCEPTION: -- Alumni and Courtesy Card holders cannot place recalls..
  • The patron with the material is sent a recall notice requesting return of the material within seven days. If the item is not returned within that time, an Overdue Recall notice is sent and borrowing privileges are suspended until the item is returned.
  • Users with recalled items that are more than one week overdue will be billed for the replacement cost of the item plus a non-refundable $25.00 billing fee.
  • Ignoring a recall notice is a serious breach of library etiquette. The recall policy is designed to insure equal access to the collection for all patrons.

  • How to Recall or Hold an Item

    • Online hold or recall

      1. Search MARQCAT for the needed item.
      2. If the item is checked out, the status box will display the DUE DATE and there will be a blue check mark button along the top of the screen labeled REQUEST. Click on that button.
      3. Enter your Marqnet/e-mail username and password in the corresponding boxes.
      4. Click on, “Submit.”
      5. The book title and related information will be displayed, and if the information is correct, click the REQUEST SELECTED ITEM button.
      6. You will be notified via Marquette e-mail when the material is ready for pickup. The material will be held at the Raynor Circulation Desk for seven days.
      7. Some material cannot be recalled. Titles that are AVAILABLE should be on the shelf - if you cannot find it, complete a Trace Request at the Circulation Desk. Material in certain collections may not be eligible for recall. Not all library card holders are eligible to place recalls. Courtesy Card and Infopass holders are not eligible. Also any Marquette user with a block on their record will have to clear the block before being eligible to place recalls.

Book Returns

  • Return library material as soon as you are finished with it.
  • Books may be returned to the Circulation Desk library.
  • A book return located to the left of the North entrance to Raynor is open for after-hours return.

Damaged or Lost Materials

  • Borrowers are responsible for all material checked out on their ID. Point out noticeable damage prior to checking out any material.
  • Bills for damaged or destroyed material may include the cost of the repair, the replacement cost of the material and/or any applicable fine.
  • Mutilation of library material is a serious offense punishable under Wisconsin statute 943.61. The University will prosecute in cases of purposeful theft or damage.

Library Fines and Bills

  • Library material not returned in a timely manner will be declared lost.
  • Bills for lost books include the replacement cost of the book plus a $15.00 per book billing fee. The billing fee is non-refundable..
  • All bills are payable at the Raynor Circulation Desk.

Infopass System

The Infopass system supports cooperative borrowing of library material at most libraries within the greater Milwaukee community. Staff at the Information Desk can provide a form that allows borrowing for Marquette students. The following rules apply:

  • The needed material CANNOT be in the Marquette collection.
  • A maximum of three items can be obtained on one Infopass.
  • The Infopass must be completed and signed at Marquette PRIOR to going to the holding library. Information Desk staff can help determine the location and availability of needed material.
  • The lending library may impose daily fines for overdue Infopass material. Pay attention to the loan rules when obtaining material via the Infopass system. Marquette has agreed to bill delinquent borrowers for non-returned Infopass material.
  • Questions? Please contact the Information Desk at (414) 288-7556 or by email.

Cooperative Access Program (CAP)

Marquette University Libraries, the Medical College of Wisconsin and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee have developed (CAP) Cooperative Access Program for scholars to obtain local access to needed resources.

Further questions?

  • Call the Circulation Desk at (414) 288-7555.