Fiserv Health allows for members of Marquette University's health insurance plans the freedom to receive vision care from the provider of their choice. Members can choose services from a provider that is not within your plan network, and the $120 benefit per participant will still apply.

However, members should try to stay within their network for two important reasons. First, an in-network provider can forward a claim directly to Fiserv Health. When services are provided by a non-network facility, payment is necessary upfront and then the receipt of the payment must be sent to Fiserv Health for reimbursement. Second, an in-network facility can provide services at a discounted rate, which will add value to your $120 annual vision benefit.

Please submit a copy of the receipt and member information to:

Fiserv Health

Claims Administration

P. O. Box 8052

Wausau, WI 54402-8052

For additional information concerning vision care provided by Marquette University's health plans, please contact Fiserv Health at (800) 826-9781 or visit them online at




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