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Marquette University recognizes the importance of encouraging and supporting employee professional development activities. Participation in local and national conferences, attendance at on-campus or local lectures and workshops, and development through various departments and units across campus are available to employees. When participation in a professional development activity requires attendance during the employee's normal work schedule and/or the payment of fees or other expenses, prior approval by the supervisor is required. Supervisor approval may be dependent upon factors such as budget, the ability of the department to function satisfactorily in the employee’s absence and the relevance of the activity to the performance of job duties. If the activity is job related or contributes to an employee’s professional development plan the activity time should be considered and paid as regular time worked. Meal periods should still be utilized by employees on work days in which professional activities are attended. Participation time for supervisor approved development activities that are not related to job duties or an employee’s professional development plan should not be considered regular time worked. Participation in development activities should not interfere with the effective performance of job responsibilities.

GROW with Marquette is a program that provides employee opportunities for professional and personal growth on a variety of subjects including: technology, wellness, policies and procedures, supervision, communication, stress and time management, leadership, customer service, conflict resolution, diversity, and other valuable subjects. Customized training is also available. Participation requests to attend Marquette University GROW classes should be reviewed by supervisors for approval on a class by class basis.

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Release time from work to attend a university event is dependent upon the approval of the employee’s supervisor and the ability of the department to function satisfactorily in the employee’s absence. Approved time for attendance at events including the President’s Address, the Christmas celebration, and Mission and Ministry sponsored programs is considered regular time worked. In cases where events or programs overlap the meal period, only the standard meal period should be deducted, with the remainder of the time considered regular time worked. Paid and non-paid time for attendance at all other university events is determined at the discretion of the supervisor.


“Volunteers” are individuals who offer their services without cost to a charitable organization, events, or programs. The university realizes that many volunteer activities benefit the community at large. However, employees should, in general, perform volunteer activities unpaid outside of their university work hours; i.e., outside of their normal 37.5 or 40 work hours per week. Employees must obtain prior approval from their supervisor to participate in volunteer activities that occur during their normal university work hours.




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