History Faculty

James Marten

Department Chair
(414) 288-7901
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Jolene Kreisler

Assistant to the Chair
(414) 288-6330
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Lezlie Knox

Director of Graduate Studies
(414) 288-7863
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Daniel Meissner

Director of Undergraduate Studies
(414) 288-3552
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Department of History Faculty

Steven M. Avella, Professor

(Ph.D., Notre Dame 1985)
20th century US, Religious, Western
Coughlin Hall, 308
(414) 288-3556
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Alan Ball, Professor

(Ph.D., North Carolina-Chapel Hill 1982)
Russia, Soviet Union
Coughlin Hall, 318
(414) 288-7124
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(Ph.D., North Carolina-Chapel Hill 2011)
Ancient & Early Medieval History
Coughlin Hall, 223
(414) 288-5978
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John Patrick Donnelly, S.J. , Professor Emeritus

(Ph.D., Wisconsin, Madison 1972)
Renaissance, Reformation, Jesuits
Coughlin Hall, 305
(414) 288-3554
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Michael Donoghue, Associate Professor

(Ph.D., Connecticut, 2005)
US foreign relations, Latin American
Coughlin Hall, 317
(414) 288-1635
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Alison Efford, Assistant Professor

(Ph.D., The Ohio State University, 2008)
United States History, Ethnicity, Immigration, Gilded Age
Coughlin Hall, 316
(414) 288-7817
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Kristen Foster, Associate Professor

(Ph.D., Wisconsin, Madison 2001)
US early national, Gender
Coughlin Hall, 324
(414) 288-3562
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Carla H. Hay, Associate Professor

(Ph.D., Kentucky 1972)
18th century Britain, European women
Coughlin Hall, 304
(414) 288-7150
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Thomas J. Jablonsky, Professor

(Ph.D., Southern California 1978)
US Urban
Coughlin Hall, 307
(414) 288-5300
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Andrew W. Kahrl, Assistant Professor

(Ph.D., Indiana University, 2008)
United States History, African American
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation/ACLS Early Career Fellowship, 2008-2009
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Lezlie S. Knox, Associate Professor

(Ph.D., Notre Dame 1999)
Medieval, Gender
Coughlin Hall, 314
(414) 288-7863
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Chima Korieh, Associate Professor

(Ph.D., University of Toronto, 2003)
Colonial and post-colonial Africa, Gender
Coughlin Hall, 223
(414) 288-3563
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John D. Krugler, Professor

(Ph.D., Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 1971)
Colonial and revolutionary America, Public history
Coughlin Hall, 200
(414) 288-7056
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James Marten, Professor

(Ph.D., Texas, Austin 1986)
US Civil War, Children’s history
Coughlin Hall, 303F
(414) 288-7901
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Laura E. Matthew, Associate Professor

(Ph.D., Pennsylvania 2004)
Colonial Latin America, Ethnicity
Coughlin Hall, 319
(414) 288-7590
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Timothy G. McMahon, Associate Professor

(Ph.D., Wisconsin, Madison 2001)
Ireland, Modern Britain, British empire
Coughlin Hall, 224
(414) 288-3559
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Daniel J. Meissner, Associate Professor

(Ph.D., Wisconsin, Madison 1996)
Modern China
Coughlin Hall, 306
(414) 288-3552
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Phillip C. Naylor, Professor

(Ph.D., Marquette 1980)
North Africa, Middle East
Coughlin Hall, 309
(414) 288-3561
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Julius R. Ruff, Professor

(Ph.D., North Carolina, Chapel Hill 1979)
France, Crime and punishment, First World War
Coughlin Hall, 203
(414) 288-3555
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Peter Staudenmaier, Assistant Professor

(Ph.D., Cornell 2010)
Modern Germany
Coughlin Hall, 316
(414) 288-3560
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Michael Wert, Assistant Professor

(Ph.D., California-Irvine, 2007)
Modern Japan
Coughlin Hall, 225
(414) 288-7592
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Michael J. Zeps, S. J., Associate Professor

(Ph.D., Stanford University, 1978)
Modern Europe, Intellectual music
Coughlin Hall, 320
(414) 288-7386
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Adjunct Faculty

Stephen Hauser

(M.A., Marquette University, 1975)
United States
Coughlin Hall, 301
(414) 288-5182

Andrew Larsen

(Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1998)
Western Civilization
Coughlin Hall, 301
(414) 288-5182
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David McDaniel

(Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1999)
United States
Coughlin Hall, 325
(414) 288-7766
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