Hunger Clean-Up

Hunger Clean-Up Leadership Team

Want to have a part in planning Marquette's biggest day of service? Leadership Team positions are currently filed but please consider joining next year!. See descriptions below.

APPLY NOW to be a part of the 2017 Leadership Team

Please contact with any questions.

The Leadership Team as a whole will have the following responsibilities:


Hunger Clean-Up Co-Coordinators: Oversee the entire planning process of Hunger Clean-up, Convene regular meetings of leadership team, Ensure that all tasks pertaining to HCU are completed, Motivate and support leadership team members, Take on fundraising, speaking, and education roles, 2+ meetings per week

Logistics Committee Chair:
Lead team of 5 – 20 peers in executing all of the planning for the day of Hunger Clean-up. Organize the flow of Hunger Clean-Up people and information, Develop transportation plans, Assign sites, Manage tools, Arrange for in-kind donations of food.

Marketing Committee Chair:
  Lead team of 5 – 20 peers in developing a comprehensive marketing scheme for all events leading-up to and including Hunger Clean-Up. Oversee social media, Comunicate with Marquette and Milwaukee news outlets, Liaison with design team (design experience not required).

Fundraising Committee Chair:
Lead team of 5 – 20 peers in raising and soliciting the funds and donations necessary to support Hunger Clean-up and the grants awarded as part of the event. Develop a comprehensive fundraising plan, including events and other strategies, Share event planning duties with committee members and other leadership team members, Solicit donations for cash and in-kind donations, Liaison with University Advancement, Mail thank-you letters after Hunger Clean-Up.

Volunteer Committee Chair:
Lead team of 5– 20 peers in coordinating Marquette volunteers. Coordinate Team Leader and Volunteer registration, Communicate with volunteers, Liaison with Greek Life, Design and conduct educational Team Leader Trainings.

Community Committee Chair: Lead team of 5 – 20 peers in engaging with the greater Milwaukee community. Oversee grant process, Recruit volunteer sites, Maintain communication with sites, Focus on engagement with the community and represent Marquette to the Milwaukee community, Coordinate closely with the Logistics Committee.

Bookkeeper: Schedule leadership team meetings and keep minutes, Ensure website is up-to-date, Track expenses and fundraising, Triage emails sent to, Be active participants in weekly Leadership Team meeting, Support other committee work as needed.




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