Re-Seeing the Permanent Collection The Viewer’s Voice

August 21 December 22, 2013

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This exhibition highlights works from the Haggerty’s permanent collection selected by Marquette faculty, staff, and students.  The featured work represents a wide range of styles, processes, and media created by Renaissance to contemporary artists from diverse locales.  Project participants wrote a brief reflection on the piece they chose, expressing why they were drawn to the work and, in the case of some professors, how the work is used in their teaching practices.  A catalogue containing the essays and images is available for museum visitors and online by clicking here.

Participants in The Viewer’s Voice are:

Dr. Robert Bishop (Engineering)

Dr. Louise Cainkar (Social Justice and Welfare)

Ms. Sheena Carey (Communication Studies)

Dr. Scott Dale (Spanish)

Dr. Patricia Ellis (Education)

Mr. Daniel Flesch (Student)

Dr. Marilyn Frenn (Nursing)

Mr. Eddie Guzman (EOP)

Mr. Jake Jumbeck (Student)

Dr. C. Shaun Longstreet (Center for Teaching and Learning)

Dr. L. Christopher Miller (Student Affairs)

Dr. Susan Mountin (Manresa for Faculty)

Dr. Pamela Hill Nettleton (Journalism and Media Studies)

Ms. Elizabeth Owen (Student)

Dr. Sharon Pace (Theology)

Rev. Scott R. Pilarz, S.J.

Dr. Sarah Wadsworth (English)

and Dr. William Welburn (Diversity & Inclusion)

This exhibition and accompanying programs are sponsored in part by the Friends of the Haggerty and the John P. Raynor, S.J. Endowment Fund.

Download the exhibition catalog