I stopped attending my program, but would like to start again. What should I do?

Every graduate student, except those with non-degree status, must be enrolled as a full-time, half-time or less than half-time student each fall and spring term to maintain his or her status. All degree graduate students must enroll in either: adviser-approved course work; thesis, professional project, or dissertation credits; one of the continuation courses; or a combination of the above.

Degree students who fail to enroll for every fall and spring term must apply for readmission to their program.

Readmission Policy

Students who have withdrawn from the university, failed to enroll for one or more academic year terms, were administratively withdrawn from their program, or who were suspended for any reason must be formally readmitted to the Graduate School before resuming their studies.

To be readmitted, students must:

In being readmitted, students face the possibility that previously completed work might not be accepted with the readmission decision, even if taken within the same program. The major department and vice provost for research and dean of the Graduate School may also set readmission conditions on the student’s resumption of work toward a degree such as registering for additional course work, retaking examinations, completing the degree within in a specified time period, or other appropriate terms.

Requests for readmission from students who have been suspended will be based on many considerations including the applicant’s ability, evidence of growth and maturity, credits earned at another institution, and time elapsed since leaving Marquette.

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